Monday, September 22, 2008

Heather Palmer (Poetry/Prose)

Updated on Sep 22, 2008


Starch grass
below moon
don't move
I'm only visiting

Unpack my suitcause
I can't come
my cupboards turn
starch to stale

I didn't want
True blue
only a
visiting suitcase


Undoing until a deep gray
tells its own story: how night thaws
to a wake of sleeping days


Use big-hearted instead of generous
empty barrel in my panties
blasting water-hose rash
therapy dries from the clothesline

Plea to her Lover

Woman molding tongue
Because even if it doesnt matter
Nothing holds this blue so well
my hand spreads for the color


Lovely cherry lollipop
twig to suppress
sunshine-skin cancer
cracked waif

The saffron one says
lying to myself makes me
Face hunger


What for so long?

Owners of body
braided bread between

Sacred in the common body
faces over

Shoes in a row
women willing to want

Soul skin been burnt
toe to head

Big Eyes

These big eyes seen
candy-wrapper gutters
crushed coke cans
freshlove sugarbread
burnt to bitter toast
wrinkled skin from
sin worn suns.


I don't like developments
Hate light:
shut the sky with my eyes
drink it through slits

When we just sat
I liked that. You didn't move.
But then--hands to waist--
you kissed me.

Haiku's for Amy

Light starting to heavy
under my fingertip
your note left a papercut

Eleanor soaks
in the tub
sobs over book

Iron gates rise
people trapped
to the seventh floor

Knowing fall rain
falls heavy
feet drown the street

Rainy Haiku's

The Name spoken
on lips
defiles it

This city's
too small
my satiety

Perfect beans roast
even espresso
fails this thirst


Ladleblenders cork cake to sugarspoons
tea between tuna'd mandolins
whisk spatula's bananas


If the hole of apathy
emptiness of sadness
the heat of hate
is love in all it
even more--too--
Love has to be